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Supernatural Healing.

Luke 8:43-48 records that there once was a woman with a medical issue who spent every cent that she had over twelve years on Physicians who not only couldn't heal her - but actually made her worse!

As we read on, we discover that this woman had the kind of radical faith that believes that nothing is impossible for God. Faith so big that she was convinced that if she simply touched the edge of Jesus clothing without even saying a word that she would instantly be healed - and as a result of this un compromised faith, The Bible records that that when woman reached out - she was healed the instant she touched the hem of Jesus garment!

There are some who say that the kinds of Supernatural miracles Jesus performed (blind eyes seeing, deaf ears hearing, the dead rising - Etc) just don't happen today - but it's been our experience that those that come to God believing there is nothing too difficult for God to do are healed today in the same way that they were healed 2,000 years ago!

Some of the more powerful supernatural miracles we've seen include: A detached cruciate ligament crawls up a mans leg to re-attach itself through the laying on of hands! Macular Degeneration healed in Jesus name. Woman brought back from deaths door. Broken bones healed. Epilepsy cured. Spurs on the bottom of the feet gone without surgery. Damaged ear restored. Shattered knee cartilage restored. A hip that needed to be replaced healed exclusively through the laying on of hands - to name only a few miracles!

To see a very small sample of individual video testimonies, click HERE!

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