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Church Vehicle fund:

We're currently up to Stage Two in our Church Vehicle Project, and very proud to say that Stage One was paid for, in full, within 8 days of commencing!

Stage One
(To provide the Church with a Vehicle to move our A/V Equipment to and from the Neighborhood Centre we planted our Church in back in 2011) was completed just 8 days after launching it in March, 2012.

Stage Two will see us retiring this miracle Vehicle & upgrading it to a more economical, and practical, low mileage Holden Calais Wagon that will be similarly branded with our logo almost exactly how you see our current vehicle in the picture above.)

The history of our miracle 1996 Holden Combo SB:

When we started Jesus Church back in 2011, with just seven souls, it wasn't an option to run services from our Founding/Senior Pastors home, which meant that the only other option was to rent by the week from a Neighborhood Centre that didn't offer anywhere to store the churches equipment between services.

As our setup became larger it eventually became obvious that the Churches only option was to purchase a vehicle to move the Churches Projector, Projector Screen, Speakers (Etc) to and fro for both services... However,the reality was that the Church had no money to purchase a vehicle.

Then one evening while surfing Ebay for suitable vehicles to believe God for, God spoke to Ps. David, telling him to step out in faith to purchase a $1,000 buy it now listed 1996 Holden Combo SB Van that neither he nor the Church had enough money to pay for!

When Ps. David stepped out in faith to obey, God supernaturally paid the Van off (in full) in eight short days by a combination of the following: Our original deposit of $250, 3x donations of $200, 1x donation of $150, 1x donation of $50 1x donation of $25 and 2x donations of $10.

And while we'll never stop praising God for His provision of a vehicle that we had to have to grow the Church; the reality is that years later it's a terribly uneconomical Van with a four cylinder engine that struggles up hills that's no longer either suitable or practical to our needs.

So how can you help?

If you'd like to contribute towards upgrading this miracle vehicle to one more suited towards today's needs, w
e offer direct deposit into our ANZ Bank account - either at your local ANZ Branch, or from your Bank. (Click HERE for our BSB & Account details.)

You can even use your PayPal® account... To donate via PayPal®, simply click the pop-up window (below) and select the amount you'd like to give and then click 'Add to Cart" to check out!

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