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Church Lighting Fund:

If you spend more than an hour talking to today's youth and young adults, it will take a fraction of that time to recognize that one of the single most important things on their minds is 'Wow factor.'

And while every mature Christian knows that flashy light shows are totally meaningless (at least as far as eternity is concerned) we also recognize that we need to use the right bait to catch the right fish...

Are we saying that we believe that fancy light shows are going to bring anyone to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? (Of course not!)

What we're saying is that if we want to see our young people coming to Youth Groups & Young Adults Groups instead of sneaking into sleazy Night Clubs and drug & alcohol infested Raves - we need to offer them Venues that are better than what the World is offering!

What we're believing God has called us to produce is a light show that puts today's rave's to shame: complete with strobes, scanners, lasers, moving heads, gobos and everything else that our kids and young adults will be Wowed by!

So... If you're craving to reach young people - using their native language - we offer direct deposit directly into our ANZ Bank account - either through your local ANZ Branch, or via electronic transfer from your Bank. (Click HERE for our BSB & Account details.)

We also offer PayPal® for 100% secure/protected transactions so you can give without any fear of theft from your account!!! Simply click the pop-up window below and select the amount you'd like to give and then click 'Add to Cart" to check out

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