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5Church Building fund:

Our global Headquarters are now located at: 156 Commercial Road, Salisbury.

This just under 2,300m2 property is a ground up rennovation project which is
conservatively estimated to cost about two million to finish over the next decade.

The most minor of these rennovations include approximately five and a half kilometers of Cat7A Local Area Network cable and terminator plates, Approximately four kilometers of fibre optic cable, about another three kilomters of BNC Cable for the security system, roughly another two and a half kilometers of electric cabeling for both power and lighting. Add to this, exactly 2,350m2 of ceiling insulation must be installed, not to mention installing Airconditioning and heating units.

For our sanctuary, Truss needs to be both purchased and assembled. DMX cable must be rolled out and woven in before stage lighting and data projectors can be incorporated into the Truss and then raised into position by fully qualified riggers.

A stage with baptismal must be incorporated - and that's not even mentioning our new kitchen, offices, walls, doors, carpeting, toilets, energy efficient lighting, emergency lighting and all the other major things that need to be done to turn an Industrial warehouse into a Church.

If God's leading you to contribute towards these extensive rennovations, we offer direct deposit at any ANZ Branch, and/or electronic transfer from your Bank to ours (Click HERE for our BSB & Account details.)

You can even use PayPal® for a 100% secure online transaction... To donate via PayPal®, simply click the pop-up window (below) and select the amount you'd like to give and then click 'Add to Cart" to check out!

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Jesus Church: (08) 8182-5185 156 Commercial Rd. Salisbury, 5108

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