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How should people (both female and male) dress at Jesus Church?

Because Jesus fulfilled the Mosaic law before giving us a New Covenenant in His own blood - none of The Old Testaments' rules about dress apply to today...

That said, because the spirit of the law remains; this means that while the forbidding of certain kinds of materials was lifted, the general principles of modesty & propriety remain.

This is why we ask everyome that steps onto our Property to make sure that they're only wearing clothes that wouldn't make their Great grand parents tell them off for revealing intimate (private) body parts.


Guys, we don't want to see your underwear... Pull your pants up and put on a belt!

And gals, we don't want to see so far into your cleavage that we have to stop and ask for directions to get back.

Other than that, it's ALL good... Shorts, singlets, skirts, dresses, jeans, slacks, work wear, street wear. Suits, Dressed up, dressed down. We couldn't care less beccause what makes you beautiful is what's inside - NOT what's outside!

Pretty simple, right?

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