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The history of Jesus Church


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Something for everyone!

Our Church music sounds just like what's playing on your favorite Radio Station... (With the exception that the lyrics are glorifying God rather than sex, drugs and rock-n-roll!)

Our Praise & Worship services contain what we consider to be the perfect mixture of current Christian music chart toppers, like Hillsong's "Oceans," & "What a beautiful name," combined with modern versions of classics like, "How great thou art."

Looking towards the future: original music rocks!

As a Church that regularly believes God for big things, we're believing Him to put together a World Class Christian Band that both writes and sings 100% original Christian music. (No covers)

Towards that massive goal, God has already provided the following foundational instruments to get us rolling in the right direction for the right musicians to come into our Church to use straight away...

Some of our instruments include:

1x Roland, HD-1
1x Kurzweil, SP4-7
1x Les Paul, Custom
1x Fender, Stratocaster
1x Fender, Stratacoustic
1x Warwick, RockBass

If you're a born-again believer looking to rock for Jesus... Apply here!

Jesus Church: (08) 8182-5185 156 Commercial Rd. Salisbury, 5108

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