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As visionaries... We see a body of Global believers (Church) where tens of thousands of people (all over the planet) are connected to God through Holy Ghost anointed preaching, supernatural healing and divine worship - all loving, learning, laughing, & worshiping God together.

Jesus Church see a Kingdom focused Church where people are Mentored and Discipled into Christian maturity through Sunday’s teaching, Annual Conferences, Weekly small group fellowship, Annual seminars/workshops, focus groups, retreats, webcasts and specialist teaching sessions hosted across multiple Campuses spread across the nations of the World.

Jesus Church see a Christ focused Church creatively reaching the Community with the Good News that Jesus saves, Jesus heals, Jesus makes whole, Jesus sets free, Jesus baptizes in the Holy Ghost - and Jesus is coming again!

Jesus Church see a faith filled, faithful Congregation of Godly people who understand that Jesus great commision to 'go into all the world' was not a recommendation but a commandment and constantly seek ways of fulfilling it in their lives.

Jesus Church see a body of believers who are based in a building - that use their God-given gifts and ministries in a significant way outside of that building in the same ways the Apostles and first Century belivers did.

Jesus Church see a Church promoting God's Word creatively through the media of radio, television, multi-media production and live and on-demand Web-casting.

Jesus Church see a Church that will make an impact on both history and eternity.

There are tremendous opportunities for the Church to make a real difference! Our vision is for a strong Church, resulting in strong families, businesses, schools, state and country.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is our only message and surely the only message which can bring hope!

Jesus Church: (08) 8182-5185 156 Commercial Rd. Salisbury, 5108

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